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Game #1 – Crossword

How well do you know the 11 destinations that are featured in Trip Chaser? This crossword will test your knowledge of these fascinating destinations and up your competitive edge at the next trivia night.

Download it here.

Game #2 – Word Search

Containing all of the destinations used in Trip Chaser, plus a few extra words, this will be a simple distraction that you can probably do in record time. In fact, print off two and race a loved one to complete it in order to get those competitive juices flowing!

Download it here.

Game #3 – Puzzle

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? We made this one with cards from Trip Chaser! For the record, we completed it in just over five minutes. Let us know how you do!

(And if you like this one, you can find more — designed by us — on this website.)

Game #4 – Travel conversation starter

The next time you have your family or friends together, grab a pair of dice and use this conversation starter page to dive into the details of your travels! It will help you share your best travel tips, reveal the best places you’ve been, and so much more!

Download it here.