Trip Chaser

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Armchair travel for competitive people.

Prove who’s the most travel-savvy by buying, bartering, and gambling your way to various destinations. The more challenging a destination is to get to from North America, the more points it’s worth! Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins humble bragging rights for life.

  • Trip Chaser is easily packable and comes in a durable box, making it a *perfect* gift for the travellers in your life.
  • The game is family-friendly in tone, also making it *perfect* for family game night!

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9 reviews for Trip Chaser

  1. (verified owner)

    We really enjoy this game. It’s not a traditional “travel game” like something you’d play on the airplane or in a car to entertain kids. Rather, it’s a game about travelling, that’s been designed so you can travel with it. We took our copy on a trip with us to California and played it in the evenings when our kid was asleep. It’s lightweight and packs easily. As far as the game itself, the insurance part (either buying or not for each trip) really adds some fun. And the situation cards definitely had us chuckling – as avid and experienced world travelers, we could related to lots of the scenarios. Overall, this is a fun game to play at home or while travelling, with your partner or with friends.

  2. Sandra (verified owner)

    This game is a lot of fun and very well done. It was easy to learn, tactical, and easily portable. We will definitely bring it with us on our upcoming cruise. We like to travel and found it clever and instantly relatable. Way to go! Highly recommend.

  3. Pamela

    I’m obsessed with this game. I played with French friends during a small dinner party and everyone loved it. We played at least three rounds. Playing with my teenage nieces took things to another level as my 13 yo niece is more cunning and strategic than the rest of us. A top game choice at my place.

  4. Sharon (verified owner)

    Loved this game! It gets the competitive juices flowing and also made me want to book a flight somewhere! Event cards were hilarious and pretty accurate to real life travel hiccups, and of course make you think twice about purchasing the travel insurance vs saving the $$. Ugh!!! Instructions were easy to understand and follow, which was a bonus!

  5. Sarah (verified owner)

    I love this game! It’s compact enough to fit in a travel bag, and we played with friends who absolutely loved it too. A game took about an hour, so it can be easily played during happy hour at a dinner party or a few games in the evening. It brought on lots of laughs, especially as we sharpened our playing technique as the games went on.
    Highly recommended!

  6. Terry (verified owner)

    We’ve had so much fun playing this game as a family from young to old. The event cards are so fun! I’m glad I was able to purchase this before you sold out, we are going to be playing it a lot over Christmas! Well done!!

  7. Nora

    A must for any travel-lover!
    It’s easy to learn and play, but also has lots of nuance and strategic possibilities to keep it spicy.
    Also, the event cards are hilarious. Could only have been written by a couple of world travelers!

  8. Patricia

    Played it for the first time over this past weekend and had so much fun. The negotiating part of it gave lots of laughs! Looking forward to playing a lot more over the holidays.

  9. Charles Gordon

    We just received our game and it’s an instant favourite. It immediately stands out as a winner for its perfect blend of simplicity, humour, and quick game play. We’ve shared it with a few friends and everyone loves it. Definitely a winner.

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