Armchair travel for competitive people.

Prove who’s the most travel-savvy by buying, bartering, and gambling your way to various destinations. The more challenging a destination is to get to from North America, the more points it’s worth! Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins humble bragging rights for life.

Like real travel but without the suitcase, spending, or stress.

The more destinations you visit (up to 11!) the more points you accumulate. Be wary of travel mishaps that can trip you up (pun intended) along the way, and consider buying insurance to save you from them.

The PERFECT game for travellers, at home or abroad!

Place an order, plant a tree. For every game purchased, one tree will be planted to help offset carbon emissions. See our progress here.

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About the Creators

Dalene & Pete Heck

The creators of Trip Chaser spent nearly eight years circling the globe as digital nomads, visiting 60 countries. They returned to Canada in 2016 and finally turned all their travel knowledge (and mishaps) into something that fellow travel nerds can enjoy.